A Secret Beach - Hawai

The Peaceful Sounds of Hawaii's Ocean Waves

A Nature Sound CD - No Voices or Music
30 Minutes of Audio (repeat for endless listening)

It's a Tropical Vacation for your Ears!

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This CD was carefully and lovingly recorded here in Hawaii. The download version is 30 minutes of peaceful, gentle sounds of waves on the Hawaii shore, with our wonderful doves in the background. Just put it on repeat for endless listening.

From the liner notes:

Each of us has a “secret beach.” Imagined or real, beyond the horizon, or just past the next rocky outcrop. It's a special place that exists at the edge of our world. A place where we can find rest, inspiration, rejuvenation.

The beaches of Hawai'i are some of the most magnificent on earth. White sand and soft, warm breezes. The breathtaking blue of ocean and sky. The gentle rhythm of waves caressing the shore. This timeless, elemental Hawai'i draws us in.

Close your eyes and listen. The eternal rhythm of the surf is so fundamental that time and space seem to dissolve. You can almost feel your fingers drifting through the warm sand… or the sand shifting beneath your feet as it is pulled back to the sea.

Let the soothing sounds of Hawaii’s ocean waves take you back to your secret beach.

Recorded in digital stereo on one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawai'i. The name and location shall remain… a secret.

Over an eight-month period, I visited many beaches on different islands in Hawai'i to find the perfect "secret beach." After making dozens of field recordings, I selected one place above the others… the perfect relaxing blend of gentle waves and the songs of tropical birds.

I hope it brings as much pleasure to you in the listening as it did to me in the recording.

Mahalo and aloha 

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